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original scores


"We Love Making Music"

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose a musical theme recommended for videogames and use it in a film, or advertising purpose?

No, because you´ll be using the license that you have purchased, in a wrong way. That particular license allow you to use the musical work under the terms and conditions in that license. We give you the possibility of choosing, for each musical theme, the specific license that you need, that´s why we have different prices for the same musical theme.

Is it important the duration of the musical themes?

Yes it is. For that reason our musical themes have a duration easily adaptable to post-production in different media environments.

Can I order a specific job that fits with my particular needs?

If what you see in the website doesn´t fit with your needs, contact with us explaining what you need. We´ll do our best to satisfy you, for example in a new musical score, a particular duration for video, or a specific musical dynamic of the scores present in the website or others created for you, etc.

How do you work in the case of a made to measure order?

70% of sound that you hear in our works is MIDI. That´s why we can work quickly and reduce the cost, in order to offer affordable prices in our musical creations. If you want a particular customized order, please contact with us explaining exactly what you need. A creative work always depends on the imagination and motivation of his creators. Your order can become very different to someone else´s. Thus, in short, contact us and explain to us your case, we´ll listen attentively to you.

Kind regards from Original Music Store team