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"We Love Making Music"

Publication date: 21/06/2014 10:05:13  (viewed: 1349 times)

Realm of Infinity V1   composed by Óscar Hernández Caballero


Orchestral score, dark, epic, and apocalytic. Suitable for sound tracks in videogames, films, television and radio.



Composition and postproduction by Óscar Hernández Caballero


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Main category of this music:


All categories this music appears:
Films & Shortfilms    Videogames    Advertising TV & Radio    Branding    

All rights reserved: the use of part, or totality, of this work is not allowed ,without permission of his owners.

Tags:  orchestral music · epic music · sound track · music for videogames · dark music · apocalyptic music · music for films · music for movies · music for television · music for radio · 

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